Visual Artist 




The Space that Measures Distance
Chinese Museum, Melbourne

acrylic & thread on canvas,
101 x 171 cm

The aim was further to investigate the humans and animals, through the use of large-scale canvas to examine the individual’s relationship with themselves and others. This distorted figures and incorrect propositions and perspective are used to represent the girl’s naiveness. The girl inside the kangaroo’s belly represents women and their emotions. This painting aims to experiment with secondary colour and softness of colour attached to a large scale. Perspective, narrative, decoration, patterning and humour were again exploring.

Girl & Animal

Solo Exhibition, 2011
Firstsite Gallery, Melbourne
mixed media

The best horror films start on a bright day with an expertly subliminal touch of unease. These drawings are a satire of innocence and naivety, where the flat colours and stitching underline a disconcerting reality. This exhibition combined paintings, drawing and hand-painted murals.


installation, 2010
mixed media

This collection of artworks were gathered togethe for this installation. Despite their scattered origins, this has become a timeless memory of artist’s art process. The materials used for this work ranged from glitter to acrylic, reflecting a personal playground of a wild and whimsical mind where fantasy comes from vision.

Series - Forest Wilderness
watercolour on paper, 21 x 30 cm, 2016

Wandering, acrylic on wall, est. 4 m, between Pigdon Stt and Amess St Melbourne, 2015