Visual Artist 


The Unbroken Dark

painting, ceramic

The Unbroken Dark
40cm W x 50cm H (framed)Acrylic on paper

13cm W x 14cm H x 12cm D
Hand-built stoneware ceramic

Group Show: Goodbye 1.5 metres distancing at Black Cat gallery (9 - 20.12.20)

Me and UooUoo

visual art

You’re Not Alone
acrylic on sculpture

In 2020, The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) will mark its 150th anniversary. In recognition of this major milestone, the RCH Foundation, supported by Wild in Art, is bringing colour and creativity to the streets of Melbourne and Geelong with a spectacular public art trail.

The Artwork
by Nani Puspasari
Almost a quarter of young Australians are facing mental health challenges, with young women twice as likely as young men to be grappling with psychological issues according to a report from Mission Australia. This artwork describing a story about the power of female connecting and supporting each other.

Location: Prahran Square, Melbourne

Residency — Dight Studio

Jan - Mar 2020
residency, mural, work in progress

(8) Ink on paper, 24 w x 32 h cm

work in progress, mixed media

Artists’ Life Mural
acrylic on wall, 400 w x 300 h cm

Dight Creative Studios Project is a unique artist-run space located in the heart of the art precinct in Collingwood by Black Cat Gallery, Melbourne, AU. It aims to support local emerging and professional contemporary artists and international artists in residence. I feel honoured to be their first artist residency, creating a new body of work in progress.

Residency — Thailand

Jan - Feb 2020
residency, exhibition

Shut Your Mouth
ink on hanji paper, 144 w x 76 h cm

15 RMUTT International Art Workshop,
Group exhibition Time Change
RMUTT, Thanyaburi, Thailand

What I Dreamt Last Night
ink on hanji paper, 144 w x 76 h cm

15th International Arts Festival & Workshop, Poh Chang Academe of Art, Bangkok, Thailand

Somewhere Between

solo exhibition

Black Cat Gallery, Melbourne
mixed media

"Somewhere Between" is about how we connect to the places where we're just passing through.

The paintings were born from images of the places and travel the artist has visited. Here, rendered on paper and paint, these images gain power more than just a photo. More than just passing through, they peel back the surface to the underlying conversations and contexts that make up memories of a place.

The ceramic sculptures contrast with the paintings, as their physical nature allows the abstract to come through more clearly. The results flow from the art process, from the touch of the clay. Though born of the same travel memories, new impressions are created during the making of the artwork.

This exhibition combines travel, as the desire for human bodies to be in a new habitat, with artistic expression, as the bridge between recording subjective experiences and creating new ones.

Residency — South Korea

June - July 2019
residency, exhibition

The Guardian
ink on hanji paper, 139 w x 175 h cm

Daesung Temple
ink on hanji paper, 139 w x 175 h cm

Group Exhibition
International Sumuk Exhibition, Haenam Culture & Arts Centre, Haenam, South Korea

ink on hanji paper, 76 w x 144 h cm

Group Exhibition
Gong-jae & The Artists’ Self Portrait,
Haengchon Art Museum, Haenam, South Korea

Yeoja I
ink on hanji paper, 139 w x 175 h cm

Sooyun Art Space,
Haenam, South Korea


group exhibition

Femina Extravaganza
Black Cat Gallery, Melbourne
curated by Ellen YG Son

(20) hand built ceramic, 5 x 5.5 cm

This exhibition explores the body as a site of struggle, consumption projected to media/society/culture, and further investigates ‘femina’ as an extraterritorial space that can embrace those bodies that identity as female but not woman, or as woman but not female; those bodies that have lived through femininity but not womanhood, or through womanhood but not femininity. (Text by Ellen YG Son)

Residency — Thailand

Jan  - Feb 2019
residency, exhibition

ink and thread on paper
25 w x 18.3 h cm (3 panels)

14th International Arts Festival & Workshop, Poh Chang Academe of Art, Bangkok, Thailand

Good Luck
acrylic on canvas
80 w x 100 h cm
ink and thread on hanji paper
70 w x 50 h cm

International Art Workshop and Exhibition 2019, RMUTI, Korat, Thailand

Garden Soul


Solo Exhibition
Offthekerb Gallery, Melbourne
mixed media

Garden Soul draws upon fairy tales, fables and childhood memories, creating a visual poem to navigate the relationship between the human and natural worlds. Though the artist has left her childhood home of gardens in full bloom, she continues to explore
the imaginary narratives that live within and around us.



Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne
neon tissue paper on board

Would heaven be filled with flower blossoms? This paper installation symbolises reincarnation as the return to life.


group exhibition

The Space that Measures Distance
Chinese Museum, Melbourne

acrylic & thread on canvas,
101 x 171 cm

The aim was further to investigate the humans and animals, through the use of large-scale canvas to examine the individual’s relationship with themselves and others. This distorted figures and incorrect propositions and perspective are used to represent the girl’s naiveness. The girl inside the kangaroo’s belly represents women and their emotions. This painting aims to experiment with secondary colour and softness of colour attached to a large scale. Perspective, narrative, decoration, patterning and humour were again exploring.

Girl & Animal


Solo Exhibition, 2011
Firstsite Gallery, Melbourne
mixed media

The best horror films start on a bright day with an expertly subliminal touch of unease. These drawings are a satire of innocence and naivety, where the flat colours and stitching underline a disconcerting reality. This exhibition combined paintings, drawing and hand-painted murals.
installation, 2010
mixed media

This collection of artworks were gathered togethe for this installation. Despite their scattered origins, this has become a timeless memory of artist’s art process. The materials used for this work ranged from glitter to acrylic, reflecting a personal playground of a wild and whimsical mind where fantasy comes from vision.