Somewhere Between is about how we connect to places where we’re just passing through.

The paintings were born from images of the places and travel the artist has visited. Here, rendered on paper and paint, these images gain power more than just a photo. More than just passing through, they peel back the surface to the underlying conversations and contexts that make up memories of place.

The ceramic sculptures contrast with the paintings, as their physical nature allows the abstract to come through more clearly. There results flow from the art process, from the touch of the clay. Though born of the same travel memories, new impressions are created during the making of the artwork.

The exhibition combines travel, as the desire for human bodies to be a new habitat, with artistic expression, as the bridge between recording subjective experiences and creating new ones.

︎ Solo Exhibition
21 Aug - 1 Sep 2019
Black Cat Gallery
Melbourne, Australia
exhibition - 2019