January 2019
14th International Arts Festival & Workshop, Poh Chang Academe of Art, Bangkok, Thailand
ink and yellow thread on paper, 25 x 18.3 cm (3 panels)
Inspired from the imaginary narratives of childhood memories.
February 2019
RMUTI International Art Workshop and Exhibition 2019, Korat, Thailand
Good Luck
Acrylic on Canvas, 80 x 100 cm
Abstract visualisation of the Thai Garland
ink and yellow thread on hanji paper, 70 x 50 cm
Inspired by the Ayutthaya Temples, and the traditional Hanji Korean paper art of the Korean artists I met through this residency

Femina Extravaganza
23 Jan - 3 Feb 2019
Group Exhibition curated by Ellen YG Son
Text by Ellen YG Son
(20) hand built ceramic, approx. 5 x 5.5 cm
The contemporary society and culture still fail to differentiate femininity from womanhood, and female from woman. The sociocultural framework rather creates visual imagery and textual discourse to enforce ‘femininity and womanhood’ as well as ‘female and woman’ as embodied identities into certain bodies.

This discourse further creates exclusivity to cast aside any other bodies that are willing to identify as ‘woman’ or live their lives through the ‘womanhood’. The victims who suffer from this power system often stand in these conflicted zones of woman as ‘embodied identity’ vs ‘gendered identity’.

This exhibition explores the body as a site of struggle, consumption projected to media/society/culture, and further investigates ‘femina’ as an extraterritorial space that can embrace those bodies that identity as female but not woman, or as woman but not female; those bodies that have lived through femininity but not womanhood, or through womanhood but not femininity.

2012, neon tissue paper on board
Would heaven be filled with flower blossoms?
This paper installation symbolises reincarnation as the return to life. It was created and presented as part of a Market Square in Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne.

2011, Solo exhibition, First Site Gallery, various work
The best horror films start on a bright day with an expertly subliminal touch of unease. These drawings are a satire of innocence and naivety, where the flat colours and stitching underline a disconcerting reality. This exhibition combined paintings, drawing and hand-painted murals.

Installation, mixed media on wall
This collection of artworks were gathered together for this installation. Despite their scattered origins, this has become a timeless memory of my art process and my dream of becoming an artist.

The materials used for this work ranged from glitter to acrylic, reflecting a personal playground of a wild and whimsical mind where fantasy comes from vision.

Melbourne, Australia