MACAN, which means “Tiger” in Bahasa Indonesia. Born in Indonesia in the year of the tiger, the artist was raised in a Chinese-Javanese household. She moved to Australia in 2008 and suddenly found herself immersed in a city full of people from different ethnic groups, cultures, and religious backgrounds. This new multicultural setting has since influenced her work as an artist.

MACAN is a form of representation that explores the perception of culture and the self. This exhibition is heavily inspired by the picture of a tiger that her father cut out from a calendar the year she was born and put on display at the family house wall. She invents different personas that are visually connected by the repetition of tiger creation to pay homage to her family and Asian heritage.

︎ Solo Exhibition
15 -26 Dec 2021
at Blackcat Gallery
Melbourne, Australia

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ceramic - 2021


This series tells stories about gender equality; women face a persistent gap in access to opportunities in most aspects of life.

The fate of female bees inspires this series of ceramics. Worker bees are all female. The queen bee is the only female bee in the hive that gets to reproduce. The male bee's only job is to spread the genes of their colony. They leave the territory every day in search of potential new queens looking to mate.
ceramic - 2021


Archive 2016 -2021
ceramic - 2016 - 2021


This exhibition explores the body as a site of struggle, consumption projected to media, society, culture, and further investigates ‘femina’ as an extraterritorial space that can embrace those bodies that identity as female but not woman, or as woman but not female; those bodies that have lived through femininity but not womanhood, or through womanhood but not femininity. (Text by Ellen YG Son)

︎ Group Exhibition
curated by Ellen YG Son
23 Jan - 3 Feb 2019
at Blackcat Gallery